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Reviews or Testimonials

George A. Key

When I first saw Dr Brignoni I  my lower back was painful in the morning to the point of debilitation, unable to move freely etc. Since seeing her on a regular basis I don’t have to get out of bed after a certain time for fear of not being able to move freely. My neck is more comfortable in its range of movement and my rib cage which was a problem I didn’t realize could be helped by chiropractic adjustments has been.

Dr Brignoni has relieved pain in my lower back, neck, rib cage and hip. All in all I have a much higher quality of life because of her. 

Lorraine Negroni

When my baby turned six weeks she started to cry a lot for no apparent reason. She was in perfect health, had no gas or reflux problems, so we didn't know what else to do. 

After doing some research I learned chiropractic care helps with colic so we decided to visit Dr. Brignoni. She evaluated my baby and proceeded to adjust her. She was very gentle and caring with her. Within the first couple of visits we noticed a huge difference in our baby. Her colic was getting better, she didn't cry as much and was calmer. 

I would gladly recommend chiropractic care and Dr. Brignoni to treat colic in babies. 

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